Nutella Jars Designed by an Algorithm

Check out this innovative packaging idea from Nutella.


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OK Go – Slow Motion Music Video

OK Go is back with another over the top, super interesting conceptual music video; this time in slow motion. This one is sponsored by Morton Salt, which is an interesting move. In the past, this would have been viewed as selling out but with the nature of today’s music industry, audiences are more understanding of artists finding additional sources of revenue. Here’s the new video:

Take a stroll down memory lane and watch some of OK Go’s previous videos:

The original viral hit that started it all:

Amazon Go

Amazon is building a physical store without any waiting in line and checking out by a cashier. Just check in with your phone as you walk in grab what you need leave. The transaction all happens automatically behind the scenes. Pretty cool. Check out Business Insider for more.

Spotify Billboards Made From User Data

Adweek reported on Spotify’s latest ad campaign, which cleverly takes user data to create headlines.




Vintage-style Typography Design

I stumbled across this graphic design agency, Pretty Ugly Design, from Vancouver, Canada. I love their style.






Ad Campaign: Chick-Fil-A “Chicken for Breakfast”

I stumbled across this ad campaign Chick-fil-A is doing for their breakfast sandwich. I think the ads are very clever and funny but most of all, they do a really good job of consistently driving home the concept “Chicken for breakfast. It’s not as crazy as you think.”

Here’s one with Thomas Edison:



Alexander Graham Bell

Susan B. Anthony

Thomas Edison – Not When You End Up With This!

Chat Books Ad

From the agency that brought you the Pooping Unicorn, here’s a great, new fast-paced ad for a cool product, Chatbooks. It has so much energy and wit and yet feels so effortless. I love it.

Apple Spot – “The Human Family” Shot on iPhone

Apple recently unveiled this ad for it’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign for the iPhone 6. I think it’s compelling for several reasons. First, the poem written and read by Maya Angelou adds a tremendous sense of majesty to the message of capturing and understanding the human condition. I also love how all these photos and videos were submitted by actually users of iPhone. It’s a way of crowd sourcing the ad but also demonstrates the quality of their product, as if to say “Look at the videos these ordinary people took. You could do this too.” The ethereal music is also a nice touch.

A few years back, Sprint ran this ad for it’s unlimited data package on the iPhone:

These ads for are essentially delivering the same message of using your phone to capture the human experience yet Apple’s ads it executed in a much more subtle and compelling way. The buzz-word filled Sprint ad speaks of “a billion roaming photo journalists uploading the human experience” and capturing “the entire gallery of humanity.” The narrator actually sounds like a stereotypical bratty millennial with a cell phone. “I need to upload all of me. I need… no, I have the right to be unlimited.” The imagery looks like unrelated stock footage taken through out the world and pieced together like a cliche corporate message video. Here’s a joke video from a stock footage site that simultaneously mocks and provides content for this type of video:

The Apple ad, on the other hand, does not use stock footage and feels tremendously more authentic and sincere. It’s a much better ad.

Rain-activated Sidewalk Art

Check out this interesting concept from a Seattle artist. He uses a water resistant finish and stencils to create art and messages on sidewalks that only appear when it rains. There are some interesting implications for guerrilla marketers to do something non-traditional.

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Inside Abbey Road

Abbey Road Studios and Google recently teamed up to create a really awesome interactive virtual tour of the iconic studios where the Beatles and many others recorded.

Abbey Road 1

As you click inside, you can move around to different parts of the studio (like you would with the street view on Google Maps), read about different aspects of the studio, watch youtube clips of people recording and do interactive activities like mixing tracks.

Abbey Road 2

I think it’s an interesting way for both brands to use technology to showcase their strengths and capabilities. Something like this would be especially cool for a museum or a historic site like the White House. Go to to check it out. It’s worth spending at least a few minutes.

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