• pavementTNO

    Start to Finish: Pavement

    With Stephen Malkmus releasing a new album this year, it seems like a good time revisit Pavement’s catalog. Their influence on 90s indie rock is far reaching and can still be felt today musical landscape with bands like Dr. Dog, Modest Mouse, Snow Patrol, Spoon …

  • pinkfloydfeature

    Start to Finish: Pink Floyd

    Spotify just released Pink Floyd’s entire catelog for streaming! That’s means it’s time for another installment of “Start to Finish,” where I evaluate an artist’s entire discography to better understand their artistic progression. My background with Pink Floyd is admittedly limited. I have vinyl copies …

  • Bob-Dylan-005

    Start to Finish: Bob Dylan

    This is the second installment of my “Start to Finish” series (the first being the Beastie Boys). Over the course of about 2 months, I listened to Bob Dylan’s entire discography in order (excluding the bootleg series) to get a better understanding of his progression as a songwriter …

  • beastie-boys

    Start to Finish: Beastie Boys

    With the recent passing of Mike Yauch (MCA), I was drawn to revisiting the Beastie Boys discography. I’ve heard their radio hits over the years and have always respected them but never really dug into their albums. Also, I’ve been jogging a lot recently and …