Made In The Shade was started in 1998 by Kyle Brunette and Jake Haws, who met through a mutual high school friend. The name of the group came from the brand of juice they drank one day while practicing. The duo wrote dozens of songs together, culminating in recording a series of demos and performing a handful of shows with various bass players and drummers.

Eventually the lineup solidified with classmates Jordan Tybon on bass and Noah Burns on drums. Their sound progressed into an emo/power pop style in the vein of Sunny Day Real Estate, Hum, Weezer, Tool and Super Deluxe.

In the summer of 2000, they released a self-titled, full length CD recorded by former bandmate Brandon Bee.

In 2001, they followed up with the “Fighting Fools” EP recorded by friend TJ Nokleby, which featured new versions of some songs off the album, as well as some new songs.

Altogether, Made In The Shade played around 50 shows in the Seattle/Tacoma area and got regular airplay on on the college radio station KGRG 89.9 with the song “Daydream.” The group split June of 2001 when it’s members graduated high school and moved away to attend college in various locations. Haws went on to form the groups Declaration and Adding Machines and currently lives in Utah. Brunette played in the bands the Nightgowns and Watermelon Sugar and lives in Brooklyn. Tybon lives in Germany and is a professional slack-liner. Burns plays drums in the alternative metal band Wild Throne based in Bellingham, WA.

Jake Haws: Vocals/Guitar
Kyle Brunette: Guitar
Jordan Tybon: Bass
Noah Burns: Drums