Ep. 63: Song “Somebody” (Depeche Mode Cover in the Style of Blake Shelton)

This week’s episode is kind of a unique project. Someone approached me about recording a cover of a Depeche Mode song for him to sing at his wedding. The song is called Somebody and here’s the video.

The twist is that he wanted it recorded in the style of the country artist, Blake Shelton. As a reference, he sent me a link to the song “Mine Would Be You” so I could hear more specifically what he had in mind.

Before this project, I had never heard any of Black Shelton’s music. I tried to copy the style of drumming and guitar playing from the reference track and I think I landed somewhere in the ballpark. As I mentioned, he’s planning on singing this song at his wedding with this recording as a backing track so there won’t be any vocals in his version but he had me record a version with myself singing so that he could practice along to it.

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