Ep. 49: Song “Friday Night” (Influenced By Dave Matthews Band)

Today’s episode is a song from my “50 songs in 50 weeks” series.

This is one of my first songs I ever wrote, written back when I was 14. It’s about a time when I went to a school dance and the girl I went with pretty much ignored me the whole time so I was pretty bummed. They said, write what you know, don’t they. Come I was I was 14.

I tried to copy a little bit the style of Dave Matthews Band, particularly the song, “Jimi Thing.”

I decided to just keep the production sparse and just do an acoustic guitar and a single vocal. Honestly, I’m a little embarrass by this one because it’s kind of corny song but I felt like sharing something the represented my early songwriting. Well, here it is.

Asked a girl to a dance
She said sure, then things were quite alright
I brought her flowers and I dressed up nice
Took my luck and I rolled the dice

We were dancing, weren’t having much fun
She felt sick and her day was done
I got a drink and she went with her friends
Tried my hardest to tie the loose ends

Hey, don’t go away
Hey, don’t go away

Soon it came, the last dance of the night
Suddenly she’s out of sight
I went searching see was lost in the crowd
Should have seen my standing around

Hey, don’t go away
Hey, don’t go away

Now I know she didn’t want to go with me
Now I know she didn’t want it to show but I can see

It’s getting dark it’s time to go
I waited right outside of the door
We talked a little and said so long
I’m glad some came but now she’s gone

Hey, don’t go away
Hey, don’t go away

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