Ep. 55: Song Challenge with Micah Dahl Anderson “The Door”

For this week’s episode, I’m joined by a guest collaborator and good friend of mine, Micah Dahl Anderson. Micah’s a professional film composer and an all-around good dude. The topic we randomly drew was “write a song about a movie that doesn’t exist.” What you’ll hear in this podcast is our conversation while writing the song (with the boring parts edited out), the process of recording it, and the finished song at the end.

For the recording, Micah sang lead vocals, played acoustic guitar and drums. I sang harmonies, played bass, organ, and electric guitars.

I’m pretty happy with the results. I think it’s a really epic sounding song and collaborating made it better than it would have been on it’s own.

The door I see leads me to a familiar room
That I’ve never been to before and I open the door

And I can’t see what’s been chasing me
But it’s catching up to me
Find the thing that’s escaping me
Before my enemies

Break through the door, into another room
Hiding behind antique furniture cloth
Fall through the floor, just like it’s another door
Into a room that I’ve been to before

I can see people watching me
Watching me on a screen
See the way they’re reacting
Showing me which way to go

Inch to the door, feel their anxiety
And as I pull away feel their relief
I know this show, I’ve seen this one before
The only thing ending this noir is….

The door I see leads me to a familiar room
That I’ve never been to before and I open the door

Micah’s website: micahdahl.com

Download “The Door” on Bandcamp

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