Ep. 120: Song “Wait for It” (Influenced by Ryan Adams)

In this episode, I break apart a song called, “Wait For It.” This comes from my album Starting Over released back in August of 2022.

This song is influenced by Ryan Adams. He’s done a ton of great songs throughout his career, but one of my favorites is “Kindness” from his 2011 album, Ashes & Fire. I like the relaxed pace and how all the different sounds blend together. 

To start with the recording, I laid down the acoustic guitar. Next, I recorded the drum part, which uses brushes and plays a syncopated rhythm. Next, I added a mandolin which plays a part similar to the acoustic guitar. Then an organ to fill things out a little more.

So with the basic core of the song done, I started thinking about what I should do with the lead parts. I wanted the song to build as it went along. So after the first chorus, a soft piano melody comes in and adds something new.

Then after the second chorus, a subtle electric guitar solo comes in, with a lot of reverb and delay effect on it. I was going for, kind of, a U2 vibe. 

The lyrics for this song are about learning to be patient with your own progress and kind to yourself. Change is a process that takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. As I’ve worked on strengthening the spiritual side of my life, it’s given me peace and helped give perspective to my problems.

And with that, here’s the complete song. I hope you like it.

And that’s our episode . If you’re interested, I made a music video for this song, which you can find on YouTube or in the description.

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That’s all. Thanks for listening. We’ll see you next time

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