Ep. 32: Song “Underwater” (Influenced by Sigur Ros)

This episode’s song is influenced by the Icelandic band, Sigur Ros. I saw them play a several years ago and again more recently and they put on one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever seen. Such power and emotion with such a unique sound. Here is one of my favorite tracks of theirs.

And here’s another song that I have found inspiration from:

My song borrows some elements from Sigur Ros’ sound. First, the repetitive piano lines and the sound of a guitar harmonic layered with some echoy effects (so it almost sounds like drops of water). Sigur Ros use a violin bow on the guitar to get their sound but I used an ebow, which is a pretty close approximation. I added bass and kick drum but it still felt like it needed something to I threw in a sparse electric guitar part to help ground the busy piano.

Since I can’t sing like Jonsi, I went a different direction with the vocals and layered them. Take a listen.

Underneath the surface
Struggling for air
Stone tied to your ankle
Skin is turning pale
If I could reach you
I would set you free

Something keeps you down
Help is reaching out

Trapped beneath the surface
Of a crystal clear sea
Fell asleep with the fishes
Motionless as can be
If I could see you
I would set you free

Something keeps you down
Help is reaching out

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