Ep. 65: Song Challenge with Mike Fjerstad “Be Right Back (The Time Warp Blues)”

I’m joined by professional guitarist and friend, Mike Fjerstad. We challenged ourselves to “write a song based on an abbreviation.” We chose “BRB” and came up with an epic story about a sci-fi romance involving a time warp. Hear our conversation writing the song and process of recording it in this week’s episode.

Full disclosure: Our entire conversation was actually over 3 hours but I edited it down to an hour because no one wants to hear a 3 hour podcast.

For the recording, since we both have home studios with Pro Tools, we decided it made sense to track our parts separately on our own and transfer the files to each other as we worked on it. Mike started with acoustic guitar and lead vocals.

After hearing what Mike did, I recorded a percussion part, which includes cajon, hi hats, ride and crash cymbals and a tamborine. I also added a harmony part.

After I added those parts, I passed it back to Mike and he recorded some a bass line to go with the beat I laid down. He also added a couple electric guitar parts, including the lead line he came up with while we were writing. He also added a vocal adlib at the end, with some additional harmonies.

With those parts added, Mike passed it back to me and I added an organ part to fill out the sound a little bit.

With everything tracked, Mike and I got back together and edited and mixed the song to get it sounding just how we wanted it. I think it turned out really awesome and I’m excited to share it with you.

Ferris wheels swirling and cotton candy twirling at the county fair
Holding her hand and watching as the fireworks explode in the air
Well the night was getting cold and they didn’t want the moment to end
So he ran to the car to grab her coat and no one ever saw him again

Til the day he stumbled up the steps to her door
He said, “I came back with your coat but the rides and fireworks aren’t there anymore”
She said, “Don’t you tell me that,
It’s been 25 years and you told me that you’d be right back”

It’s quarter past midnight, the kids are asleep and I thought you were dead
You look like a fool in your letterman’s jacket, gray hairs on your head
He said, “I know you won’t believe this and honestly neither can I,
I was gone for five minutes and suddenly now time has left me behind”

On this day where I’ve stumbled up the steps to your door
We can have a second chance to pick up where we left off before
She said, “I don’t know about that,
It’s been 25 years and you told me that you’d be right back”

Since then I’ve lived my life
I found a lover, for a while I was a wife
But things didn’t turn out like I planned
And I’m scared to begin this again
But I’ll try, but I’ll try

Cause this day you’ve stumbled up the steps to my door
We’ve been given this chance to pick up where we left off before
He said, “I’ll believe in that”
She said, “Whatever you do just don’t tell me that you’ll be right back”

I’ll Be Right Back

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