Ep. 23: Song “Dad” (Influenced by Drew Danburry)

I wrote and recorded a song about being a Dad, which I’ve appropriately titled, “Dad.” I first posted it online 4 years ago on Father’s Day .

It’s influenced by the style of my friend, Drew Danburry. One of my favorite songs of his is called “Memorial Day.” There’s a line where he talks about his mother so I tried to capture some of that same sentiment.

For the arrangement, I decided to I kept it super sparse: just one guitar, one vocal, no effects.

I got one eye open while I’m trying to sleep
The baby keeps crying I can’t get a wink
So I’m waiting for you, love
It’s your turn to get up

Rocking this boy past quarter to three
The kid won’t rest he’s got somewhere to be
So I’m I’m rocking the night away
I can sleep it off in the day
At least I think so

Well if the chance I would do it again
Cause I ain’t gonna spend my life complainin’
Yes I won’t
It takes a lot work to let the children play
But I guess it’s just the price that you gotta pay to be a dad

The kid keeps crawling around the house
And has an accident on the wife’ favorite blouse
But it’s gonna be okay
I didn’t like that one anyway.

Keep wanting to go to the park
And won’t come home until it’s after dark
Well I’m calling out your name
I love you all the same but you’re still grounded

Well if the chance I would do it again
Are you really sure you wanna have another kid
Well I do
It takes a lot work to have the bills get paid
But I guess it’s just the price that you gotta pay to be a dad

Even though you’re cranky I still love you, dad
Your clothes are out of style and you aren’t half bad
well I need some advice to get me through this life

Your kids will get older before you know
Your skin will get wrinkly and your hair will show it
You’re approaching the grave
I’ll take of you just the same
I love you, dad.

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